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In a serene field of jasmic sambac, more than 5,000 pure white buds must be plucked at dawn to produce 1KG of Premium Jasmine Green Tea.

Jasmines open only after dark when the sun sets and temperature drops, and they must be picked carefully so not to bruise the buds. Once picked, we layer them with high-grade green teas for four days and nights. Towards the end jasmines are picked out by hands as their aromas have already been fully absorbed by the teas. Only the best jasmines that are grown in the waterfront area in Fuzhou are used in our teas.

Green teas are unoxidised. As soon as they’re being picked, green teas are taken to the heat to prevent oxidation. The condition of the harvests thus determines the quality of the green teas.

The most precious jasmine of them all. A Coveted gem of the Chinese tea market due to its characteristic fragrance. the peak flowering season of jasmines run only from may to august each year


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