illy Espresso Medium Roast Ground Coffee 250g

Ground Roasted Coffee

Date : 06/2020

100% Arabica

Mild and balanced

We use different roasting curves to create three different taste profiles, including decaffeinated, so you can enjoy a full bodied coffee with a rich harmony of aromas.

Classico - Mild and Balanced
Intenso - Full-Bodied
Forte - Rich and Strong
Decaf - Mild and Balanced

Secured inside the illy can, the aromas of the blend are improved and enhanced over time, preserving a rich fragrance that is released into the air when the can is opened, like a perfect and heady symphony.

illy has been perfecting its unique blend of 9 Arabica origins for more than 80 years, to offer the world its greatest coffee.

illy is committed to guaranteeing sustainable quality across the entire production chain, to offer a coffee that is not just good, but also ethical.

Produced and packaged in a protective atmosphere