Bloome Air Freshener Round Gel Rasberry and Passion Fruit

With hundreds of aroma beads in the market, what makes ours stand out? Better yet, why do we believe that our 3pk Gel Ball Air Fresheners are your best option? 

Functional, Practical & Effective 
Our gel air fresheners contain an adequate amount of fragrance oils to give any space a pleasant aroma that will soothe your senses. Made out of high quality, non-toxic fragrance oils, they were blended to perfection to ensure its fragrance fills every corner of any space. We wanted you to get the most out of your money, so we made sure that our each of our 240g Round Gel Ball Air Fresheners are able to keep any space smelling great for up to 4 weeks! Practical, portable, and decorative, you can use it anywhere around the home, at the office, or even inside the car. Plus, you can transfer our aroma beads to a different container and turn it into a stand alone decorative piece.  

A complete set of our aroma beads comes with Three (3) delectable scents. Encased in round containers, you can take your pick from Tropical Coconut, Raspberry and Passion Fruit and Cotton Fresh scents.g Lasting Fragrance.